Our Story

It is estimated that there are 10 million street or 'soi' dogs in Thailand.


16 years ago in Phuket alone there was an estimated 80,000 stray and free roaming dogs, often abandoned pets or community owned and almost always unneutered. Co-inhabiting with packs of dogs was not always tolerated by the local people and poisoning or machete attacks were common. The Government solution to cull was repealed by the King, but the Government then opted to round these dogs up and place them in 'shelters'. These shelters have minimal funding and staff so that the dog's basic requirements are not met. Many of these dogs died from preventable diseases, starvation and fighting due to mass overcrowding and lack of medical care.


In 2003 the Soi Dog Foundation was formed by John and Gill Dalley and Margot Homburg who recognised the only solution to the 'soi' dog problem was CNVR (capture, neuter, vaccinate, release). In 16 years CNVR has reduced the street dog population to 7,000 and Phuket has been declared Rabies free.


Neutering and vaccination has improved the lives of the dogs and people who coexist in a more peaceful and mutually beneficial way. SDF continues to work with the community and maintain this stable population by providing constant neutering services and healthcare to the street dogs in Thailand.


Laparoscopic spay has the added advantages of reduced pain, reduced complications and faster recovery, allowing the dogs to return to their owners within hours after anesthesia.

We are offering a rare opportunity for qualified vets to learn and practice laparoscopic spay in live patients brought in by the Thai community. After an introductory lecture on the equipment and procedure, each pair of participants will spay four patients laparoscopically and observe the spay of four more over the course of 2 days with one-to-one instruction from experienced instructors lead by Dr. Philipp Mayhew. Patients will receive the best of care by qualified vet nurses and anesthetists, leaving participants free to focus on learning laparoscopy.

Our Instructors

Get to know the professionals behind the scene

Dr Philipp Mayhew


Associate Professor

Dr Eugene Lin

BVSc (Sydney), Cert Vet Endoscopy & Endosurgery (ESVPS)

Dr Hsu Li Chieh

DVM, Guelph

Dr pasakorn.jpg
 Dr Pasakorn Brikshavana

Department of Surgery, Chulalongkorn University